Epiphany Music Ministry

He who sings prays twice. -St. Augustine  

Our mission

Our mission, as a ministry, is to assist in the formation and raising up of disciples through the impact of excellent liturgical music.  Music has a powerful way of connecting people to the liturgy and to one another.  Music is the only ministry that extends to all other parish ministries.  The one place we can all join together in song, however, is at our Sunday masses.  

Our vision

Our vision is to have everyone raising a joyful noise in sung prayer, musicians and congregation alike, by incorporating contemporary hymnody into our parish’s repertoire.  Contemporary Hymnody takes traditional Catholic hymns, chants, and sequences and rearranges them to a more modern musical setting. This transforming of our ancient traditions into singable contemporary versions, is impactful and up-lifting, for both young and old, cradle-Catholics and converts. In the words of Rick Modlin, “it is our ancient future”.  We hope all can embrace contemporary hymnody as we incorporate it into our repertoire for Sunday liturgies, with other musical forms throughout the Liturgical year.


Weekend Liturgical Ensembles

We have 4 eclectic ensembles (one for each weekend mass) made up of 6 vocalists (4 female, and 2 male), a pianist/keyboardist, acoustic, electric, and bass guitarists, and a violinist (as well as incorporating other string, brass, woodwind, and percussion instrumentalists), with a sound technician to help with music equipment and sound quality.  The 7:30am mass however, will have an organist/pianist with a cantor to lead that liturgy in traditional hymns and occasional chants.    

Epiphany Adult Choir (EAC)

The EAC is a choral ensemble that will sing in 2-4 part harmonies, accompanied by organ or piano, and other instruments, lead by conductor Jennifer Stevens.  They will sing for Christmas Eve, Triduum, and other Feast Day and Sacramental Masses throughout the year.  They will rehearse for 4-6 weeks leading up to Christmas Eve Mass and Triduum Masses, and 2 weeks leading up to other special masses. (Must be 18 years or older to participate) 

Epiphany Youth Choir (EYC)

The EYC is a youth chorale ensemble that introduces young Catholic musicians to the parts of the liturgy and helps them develop their music skills.  This ensemble (lead by Laura Young, with the help of Molly Nixon) will sing at the 9am mass on the 5th Sunday of the month, and rehearse for 3 weeks leading up to the 5th Sunday mass. (3rd grade through 8th grade.  High school aged students: stayed tuned to learn about music ministry opportunities for your age group.) 

-Sean and Jennifer Stevens, Directors of Music Ministry



Useful Links for Music Ministry

Epiphany Music Ministry YouTube Channel - Here you can use our videos to listen, learn, or practice songs used by our parish ensembles so we can all sing together!  

Music minister Google calendar  (You will need to logout of your Google account and into the Music Ministry account musicians.epiphany@gmail.com  for this to work) 

PDF Documents that will download into new window

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  2. Music Ministry Form
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  5. EYC 2016-17 Info Packet
  6. Wedding Mass Template
  7. Contemporary Wedding Music Selections
  8. Traditional Wedding Music Selections
  9. Funeral Mass Template
  10. Funeral Music Selections