The Solemnity of All Saints and All Souls’ Day

Saints on our alter

Saints on our alter

Friday, November 1st is the Solemnity of All Saints (Holy Day of Obligation).  Mass times are:

  • Thursday at 5:30 pm (Vigil Mass fulfills Obligation) and Friday at 7:00 am  

 Saturday November 2nd is the Commemoration of All the Faithful Departed (All Souls’ Day).

  • All Souls Day Mass is at 7:30 am on November 2.

We continue our tradition of inviting all parishioners to honor deceased loved ones by bringing photographs, mementos and fresh flowers which will be placed near throughout the month of November.

 What to bring:

  • A framed photograph of a loved one (maximum size 8x10”) (Please mark the back of the photo with your name and phone number)

  • Items that represent loved ones (e.g. their rosary, Bible, toy, item from favorite sports team, sewing items, musical instrument)

  • Fresh flowers

Please bring your items to the Narthex beginning October 20 and place them on the table identified for this purpose. Items can be retrieved from the Narthex the weekend of Nov 30 - Dec 1. Please inscribe your name on the items you bring.

Catholic Traditions
During the month of November, there are many Catholic traditions that remind us to pray for the dead and celebrate their lives. Visits to cemeteries, sprucing up burial sites, sprinkling them with holy water, leaving votive candles, and adorning them with flowers. While we mourn the passing of friends and loved ones and pray for their eternal rest, we also celebrate with joy the good they did in this world and the promise of glory we have through Jesus’ rising from the dead.


Book of Remembrance
The Church has encouraged prayer for the dead from the earliest times as an act of Christian charity. Throughout the month of November, we remember and pray for the faithful departed and commend the souls in Purgatory to the mercy of God. You are invited to inscribe the names of deceased loved ones in the Book of Remembrance at the foot of the altar near the statue of the Blessed Virgin Mary. They will be remembered at every Mass throughout the month. “Let us long for those who long for us; let us hasten to those who wait for us.” -St. Bernard of Clairvaux (+1153)

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