“He who sings prays twice” – St. Augustine


General Information

The Epiphany Music Ministry leads the music for all Sunday, Christmas, Holy Week, and Easter Liturgies. Our parish uses two hymnals, Spirit & Song from OCP and Worship from GIA publications.  All music and mass settings for Mass will come from one of these two hymnals to encourage congregational singing! Our mission is to lead every member of the congregation in sung prayer to glorify God and sanctify His people. 

Music in the Liturgy  

Liturgical Ensembles

(Pictured: 11:30am Mass Liturgical Ensemble 2017-2018)

(Pictured: 11:30am Mass Liturgical Ensemble 2017-2018)

We have liturgical ensembles that lead the music at the 4pm Saturday Vigil Mass and the Sunday 9am, 11:30am, and 5:30pm Masses.  These ensembles consist of piano, acoustic, electric, & bass guitar, light percussion, and a featured instrumentalist (violin, flute, etc...) as well as 4-6 vocalists who sing in 2-4 part harmony.  These ensembles lead music in the style of contemporary hymnody, blending our ancient traditions and hymns with contemporary styles and songs.     


Cantors & Organists

(Pictured: Amy Christensen, organist)

(Pictured: Amy Christensen, organist)

At the 7:30am Sunday Mass, the music is strictly traditional and minimalistic, with all music lead by a cantor(s) accompanied by the organ/piano.  


Family Choir

On the first Sunday of each month at the 9am Mass the parish's Family Choir will lead the music.  All are welcome to join this choir; NO experience necessary and NO age limitations! We encourage the youth of the parish to get involved, and for families to join and sing together! 


Directors of Music Ministry

(Pictured: Stevens Family Christmas 2017)

Sean and Jennifer Stevens are the co-directors of Music Ministry at Epiphany. They are both lifelong Epiphany parishioners. Jennifer has a B.A. in Music from ISU and has been singing & playing piano for over 15 years. Sean has been leading different musical groups and singing & playing guitar for over 10 years. He is currently earning his degree in Music as well. Together, they have been leading the contemporary ensembles at Epiphany since 2011, and have been leading all parish Music Ministry since June of 2015.  They were married in June of 2011 at Epiphany and have 3 children: Jackson, Liliana, and Oliver.

Office Hours:

  • Tuesdays 8am-2pm

  • Wednesdays 2-5pm

  • Thursdays 2-5pm 

Email: music@epiphanyparish.com



Sound Technicians Needed!

If interested in being trained to use the Parish's sound equipment, please email Sean Stevens to set up a training session. No prior experience necessary! 

Musicians Needed!

If you are interested in singing or playing any instrument with one of the Liturgical Ensembles, or if you are a cantor/organist interested in leading at 7:30am Mass we are always looking to add people!  (Meeting with Sean & Jennifer is required; contact Sean & Jennifer at music@epiphanyparish.com to set up a meeting)

Family Choir!

All are welcome! No age requirements or experience necessary! We will lead the music at the 9am on the first Sunday of each month during the school year! (Registration necessary; contact Sean & Jennifer at music@epiphanyparish.com to register)


Preludes are an entry point into the music ministry and will provide musicians of all skill levels an opportunity to grow in confidence and abilities as they prepare to join an ensemble.