"I Choose All"

The feast day of St. Thérèse of Lisieux, Doctor of the Church, ushers in Respect Life month each year. Once as a child St. Thérèse was offered the chance to choose some items that pleased her from a basket of dolls’ dressmaking supplies. “I choose all!” she said. Some of her biographers have seen in this episode an early expression of her willingness to live life to its fullest, to do nothing halfway. We too are invited to “choose all,” to welcome all of the gifts that God sends us in the service of his will, recognizing that the perfection to which we are called requires growth in all the virtues.

In the same way, Christian perfection requires us to be aware of the multifaceted nature of evil, to stand against the many threats that assail human life and dignity. The purpose of this blog is to highlight opportunities for action, share stories from the trenches, and offer encouragement to parishioners, with the goal of strengthening the culture of life here in Bloomington-Normal. “My call is love,” said St. Thérèse, and above all this blog’s aim is to foster an increase in the virtue of charity.

St. Thérèse’s willingness to receive wholeheartedly equipped her to say “I choose all” again as an adult. She prayed “I choose all that Thou willest.” St. Thérèse, intercede for us as we seek God’s will! Patroness of missions, pray for us, that we might share the gospel of life faithfully and effectively.

Image from Wikimedia Commons.