The Donahue Family

Why Epiphany? Because Epiphany is our home!

Keith grew up in a large Catholic family. His parents sent 6 children through 12 years of school at Peru Catholic and St. Bede Academy in Peru, IL. His father, Nick Donahue, was a lifetime member of the Knights of Columbus, always busy helping at the schools and churches. He even ushered the early Sunday morning masses so he could sit with his family during a later mass. Keith’s mother Marylyn, is a Eucharistic minister and also volunteered at the schools and churches. She volunteered for the St Bede Academy auction for years before they hired her full-time.

I had a very different experience growing up. I went to Sunday school when I was very young. My family believes in God, but Church just wasn’t something we did.

Keith moved to Bloomington in 1990 and started attending mass at Epiphany. He tried a few Catholic Churches in the area but it wasn’t until Father Eric joined Epiphany that he knew he found his home!

I moved to Bloomington in 2000 to go to school at ISU. Throughout college I tried several different protestant churches, but never had that feeling that I belonged!

Keith and I met in 2009, but it wasn’t until we started discussing marriage that I considered the idea of becoming Catholic. I’m not going to lie, I was nervous at first. Kneeling at mass seemed weird, receiving the Eucharist didn’t make sense to me, and why do we say what we say, in mass,and why do we say it when we say it? This was all new to me! RCIA taught the “why” behind everything that we do! RCIA, I will add, is amazing and I would highly recommend it to anyone interested in learning more about the Catholic faith! RCIA introduced me to so many friendly parishioners and gave me that first feeling that I was in the right place.

Keith and I were married at Epiphany in 2012 and Maggie, our youngest daughter, was baptized at Epiphany in 2013.

We built our home out by Downs, where Emma, our oldest daughter, attended Kindergarten-4th grade at Tri-Valley. It wasn’t until after mass, during Catholic schools week, several years ago that we started talking about sending our girls to school at Epiphany. In a matter of weeks, we decided that we were going to sell our house and send the girls to Epiphany; starting pre-K for Maggie and 5th grade for Emma, and move closer to our church. It just felt so right!

Our parish has been blessed with brilliant leadership inspiring our parishioners and children! Each year Epiphany continues to build new programs and offers opportunities to get involved. We are excited to call Epiphany our home!

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