Erin Hinderer

Being a college student, it can seem difficult to find an hour each week to give to God.  We become consumed with friends, social events, homework, studying, and even our jobs.  As a child, my dad always emphasized that there are 168 hours in a week, and God only asks us to give Him one.  Those words have resonated within me.

I was fortunate enough to attend Epiphany Catholic School, growing up and continued my education at Central Catholic High School.  When it came time for me to go to college, I ultimately chose to stay in town. My first few semester I chose to live at home while attending Heartland Community College.  I now attend Illinois State University and live on campus.  As I try to find my niche, I always find one consistency and that is Epiphany. 

Over the past few years, I have had the opportunity to chose where I wanted to attend Mass. Due to college classes or work schedules, I have attended other churches here in town because they may have a mass that fits better into my schedule. What I have found is that my heart always draws me back home, Epiphany.  Maybe its because my family still attends Epiphany every week. (Which helps keep me accountable.)  Although portions of my family may attend different masses, I see it as an opportunity to see my siblings, parents, and grandparents and catch up a little after mass.  Since Epiphany is so close to campus, I know I can always just ask my siblings or parents to pick me up if I don’t feel like driving myself.

As soon as I walk into Epiphany I always feel at home, it is the church where I was Baptized and received all of my sacraments.  I’ve seen the parish go through many changes including new priests and renovations.  I know quite a few people that go to the parish and even though I might not know all their names, each time I walk in, I see a familiar face.  I never feel uncomfortable, no matter where I sit.  It’s easy to be somewhere where you feel so at home and this is why I continue to choose Epiphany, as my home church.

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