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Why I Go to Epiphany

In the beginning, like many others, I chose Epiphany Catholic Church merely out of convenience.  I attended ISU in the early 80's and mostly went to the Newman Center for church, simply so I didn't have to drive.  Occasionally, I would find myself at Epiphany.  After I graduated, I moved in to a house with a few friends, not far from the church and decided to join. It made sense to go Epiphany because it was close and I had been there before. 

I felt comfortable with Epiphany, yet found myself yearning for more interaction. At the time, there weren't many organizations to choose from so, when I was approached with the idea of joining the Knights of Columbus, I quickly accepted. In those days, the biggest fundraiser for them was bingo.  I didn't really like bingo. The worst part was that you could still smoke indoors, so I wound end up smelling like an ashtray. Ok, maybe that wasn't the worst part but it definitely wasn't the best.  I did however find myself making lots of new friends. Those friends helped me get involved with other parts of the church like the annual Carnival and ACTS. In doing this, I gained even more friendships. Epiphany had become a second family to me.  

My convenience of a church became much more.  It's interesting where life takes you and who comes along on that journey with you. I met my wife Karen in 1982 and we were married July of 1984. Karen is not a Parishioner of Epiphany; her second home is at Calvary United Methodist. Fortunately, she enjoys my company enough to join me for events or whatever volunteer activity I'm involved in.  The friends that became my family years ago became family for Karen as well.  A few years ago, Karen was diagnosed with stage 4 uterine cancer.  Not the kind of news anyone wants to share, but that's where our Epiphany family comes in.  We both know that there have been and continue to be families praying for her, for us. The people that I had met so many years before have supported us in prayers but have also shown compassion and friendship when needed. Epiphany is a family and our family would do anything for us. Likewise, we would do the same. 

My advice, to anyone who is questioning where they belong, is to come experience Epiphany Parish, first hand. unlike the 80's there are several organizations to get involved in  You don't have to be involved in everything, nor do you have to do it forever.  Because we have been blessed with the opportunity to have more programs, you can find what interests you.  Father Eric often reminds us that we need to find some quiet time to listen to what God may be asking us to do  I believe, if you try 

Epiphany you will want to get involved.  You will see that it is a very welcoming place with many new friendships to be made.

 Mike Essington

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