Tattini Family

Chad and Trisha Tattini both grew up in the Bloomington-Normal area.  Both attended public schools and then proceeded to become a doctor and nurse respectively.  After a hiatus from central Illinois for 10 years for professional training, the Tattini’s returned to Central Illinois because they thought it was a great place to raise their young family.  At the time, only one of the three was school age and began in the public school system.  Shortly thereafter, Chad and Trish moved their oldest and middle child to Epiphany after doing a lot of research on faith-based education in the central Illinois.  At the same time, the Tattini’s decided to change their parish to Epiphany from Holy Trinity.  

Chad and Trisha married at Holy Trinity Church in 1996, the Church both of their families attended while growing up.  Chad and Trish really liked the small atmosphere of Epiphany parish and how warm and welcoming it was to their family.  They also really liked the vision of Monsignor Powell for not only the parish but the school.  Since then all those goals have been attained; the Parish has underwent a major renovation and the school has attained Blue Ribbon status.  Needless to say, all the Tattini’s have been very happy with the decision to join the Epiphany family.  

Their oldest son, Tanner, went to Epiphany for 3 years and is currently getting ready to graduate from college in the spring of 2018 with his bachelor of arts degree in computer science.  Their middle child, Madison, attended 7 years of Epiphany and is currently a straight A senior at Central Catholic High School.  She will be attending the University of Utah on scholarship for PAC-12 tennis beginning the fall of 2018.  Their youngest child, Trey, is currently an 8th grader at Epiphany and has attended every academic year since pre-K at Epiphany.  All the children valued their time at Epiphany and still currently cherish many friendships that started at Epiphany both with other children and the faculty.  

Chad and Trisha are so appreciative of the beliefs and values Epiphany helped instill in their children.  All of them have been extremely successful and they attribute that foundation to Epiphany.  Chad and Trisha have been very active in many facets of the parish and the school where Trisha can be seen being a room mom once again and Chad being a Eucharistic Minister or Lector at mass.  The Tattini’s feel like their family has grown and evolved just as the parish and school have.  They have cherished watching each prosper and look forward to what the future brings for both.

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