The Blaney Family; Through the eyes of Buffy

Greetings, fellow parishioners. I am the Blaney family dog, Buffy. You’ve never met me, because they have not seen to my proper catechesis and sacramental life. I’d love to come to Mass but have settled for the Blessing of the Pets. Nonetheless, I am qualified to explain our family and what Epiphany has meant to us over the years. The Blaneys moved here in July of 2000 and the three kids all attended Epiphany School and Central Catholic High School. Allow me to take up our family members individually.

Lauri Blaney (pictured front row, left) grew up in a faithful Catholic family at St. Dismas parish in Waukegan, Illinois. Her parents taught CCD and remain active in the church at their primary and seasonal residences in Illinois, Arizona, and Wisconsin. Lauri has truly enjoyed being part of Epiphany’s choir/music ministry over the years and loves being part of the ACTS family too. She is a graduate of Marquette University and works as a dental hygienist at Sylvester Family Dental. However, she has not convinced her family of the importance of flossing.

Joe Blaney (back row, middle) grew up in a typical Irish-Catholic family in Munster, Indiana, a suburb of Chicago. After high school, he entered Loyola University Chicago with the intention of joining the Jesuits. Lacking the necessary virtue and intelligence, he became a university professor and administrator instead. See how that works!? He has served Epiphany as school speech team coach, Knights of Columbus officer, and bass player at the Saturday, 4:00 PM and Sunday, 5:30 PM Masses. He attended a recent ACTS retreat and intends to continue serving that ministry wherever the need may be.

After CCHS, Maggie Blaney (back row on left) graduated from Benedictine College in Atchison, Kansas where she met and married Dave Sullivan (back row, far left) and later gave birth to Theo Sullivan (front row, center). Maggie is a Kindergarten teacher at a Catholic school in suburban Kansas City. She remains close friends with many of the old Epiphany LifeTeen gang!

Matthew Blaney (back row, far right) has enjoyed hockey, baseball, football, track, band, and theatre over the years. His favorite teachers were Father Eric for junior high religion at Epiphany and Mr. Huberman for CCHS history. He will be a sophomore at Benedictine College where he is on a track and field scholarship. That’s right! Matthew gets to attend a fancy private college because he can throw a 16-pound cannonball further than most people. Still think life is fair?

Clare Blaney (front row right) spends her time on school work, Vita Christi, CCHS Ambassadors, cheer, golf, track, choir, and of course, the Epiphany Youth Group! Always a science nut, her favorite teachers were Mrs. Hunter at Epiphany and Mr. Taber at CCHS. Some of her best memories are attending pro-life marches in Chicago and Washington, D.C.

There is no question that Epiphany Catholic Church, Epiphany School, and Central Catholic High School have been the focal points for the Blaney Family for the last 18 years. They are grateful for the many friends, classmates, priests (especially the transformative Father Eric), deacons, and lay ministers who have touched their lives.

As for me, I’m just lucky they let me in the picture. I always volunteer (to no avail) for the carnival and any event that includes sausage. But let’s face it: Epiphany is not dog-friendly. If it were, I would be president of the Women’s Fellowship. As it is, I simply remain…

Your Favorite Catholic Canine,

Buffy Blaney

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