The Buchanan Family

Growing up, I was raised Catholic. I attended a Catholic grade school and high school in Jacksonville, IL. I knew once I was married and had children of my very own, I would bring them up in the same with the same Catholic values. 

Our two oldest boys, twins, Paul & Christopher had entered school. Brad I soon discovered there were many decisions to make. The biggest was whether or not we were happy with the parish we belonged to. Due to the concerns we had, we ended up sending the boys to a public school. However, in the back of our minds we always wanted more for them. We knew they were missing out on so much of what I had growing up. We started looking into CCD classes at Epiphany and eventually reached out to Father Eric. We expressed some of our concerns from past parishes and our hope of joining Epiphany. He replied with a very simple, “Welcome Home.” Although simple and to the point, it spoke so much to us. That simple reply was exactly what we needed, at that time. To this day, we still feel that Epiphany is HOME.

Not only did Paul and Christopher join CCD, but eventually they enrolled at Epiphany Catholic School and later followed Addison, and Nolan.  Epiphany has become our extended family. We have made beautiful friendships through attending Masses and becoming involved with the church, going to school, coaching, attending sporting events, and even working at the school. We are blessed to have found our home at Epiphany and look forward to sending our youngest, Owen, to Epiphany too!
-Diane Buchanan

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