The Fernandez Family

Back in 2008 it was Britto's job that brought him across thousands of miles, all the way from India to this serene midwestern town. A year later I moved here following our wedding. Although we had some extended family across the US, we had no friends or family in this area or anywhere close. It was new land, new friends, new culture, new job and new everything that stood in front of us. Just as always, we placed all our trust in the Lord to direct our paths and give us the strength to face any challenges that come our way. Over ten years later, looking back now, we have nothing but hearts filled with gratitude for His abundant blessings showered upon us in so many ways; leading us to this church and its community being a very important one of them.

We honestly did not do much research while choosing a church initially, but rather went with convenience and what seemed to work for us at that moment. We started off as parishioners at the Holy Trinity church, just by referring to a list of catholic churches from a hotel information guide. It met our immediate needs at that point when we were completely new to this country. Father Doug was the kindest person we’ve met, and almost the only person we knew at church. We stuck to the days of obligation, and didn't really involve much in other church activities. We continued to attended mass at all the different catholic churches in the BloNo area. In 2017, when we had to make a decision about Justin’s school, was when we really gave it a good thought about the church we wanted our family to grow with as well.

We officially became parishioners at Epiphany only in 2017, but the church was not entirely new to us. While we had attended mass at Epiphany quite often, the feature that impressed us the most was the Adoration Chapel. Growing up with midnight masses on New Year’s Eve, we missed being able to start the New Year that way. It was hard enough that we couldn’t be with family during special occasions, so anything that gave us a taste of home meant a lot. When we enquired around and found out about the 24x7 Adoration Chapel at Epiphany, we were very thankful that we had a place to visit at midnight on New Year’s and feel a little like home.

There were many other aspects about Epiphany that really stood out to us. To name a few, Fr. Eric’s sermons; something about his messages and his rendition helped us relate to them very easily. They were so real and direct, and made us think about them while connecting our everyday lives to biblical truths. The school tour with Mr. Lootens; we were impressed by his passion for shaping these young minds, and the dedication to his duties. We saw him as a great representation of the entire school and what our children will learn in future. The church community; we can’t begin to say how thankful we are for all those who have helped us in every little way as we got acquainted to our new church and school. We have met such wonderful families and look forward to meeting more as we continue our fellowship with them. Events like Karibu, made us feel so happy to be part of a community that appreciated the different cultures represented in the church; it was beautiful to see different parts of the world come together in the name of the Lord.

As we continue to involve more in both church and school activities, our interactions and experiences constantly remind us of how blessed we are to be part of this congregation.

Kristen BickettComment