The Foster Family

I was a college student at ISU the first time I visited Epiphany. I attended Psalm Sunday Mass on College Avenue instead of the Newman Center, for a reason I cannot recall. No matter, there were LIVE SHEEP in the church as we entered. I’m sure Msgr. Powell cunningly wove this into the homily, but as a college student, I just heard “BAAAAA” for the duration of Mass.

Flash-forward to 2011 when Sean and I were married and later that year, welcomed a child into our family. We purchased our first home and had plans to find a closer parish with a school for Kiara and any other future Fosters. Epiphany fit us well. We loved having the opportunity to visit Jesus in adoration whenever we wanted. We found many familiar faces from the ISU Newman Center (and their growing families). Knowing there was a vibrant parish with young families experiencing similar daily joys, challenges and sorrows, which come with the territory of raising a family focused on Christ, helped us make our decision to build roots at Epiphany.

Since that time, we have welcomed Dominic, Gianna and Kolbe into our family. We have also had the opportunity to experience the great blessings Epiphany Catholic School has to offer. Not only was Epiphany recognized as a National Blue Ribbon School due to its high academic standards, it also met the spiritual and social needs of our children. I admit the two children we have at the school so far (Pre-K and 1st grade) understand and live their faith better than I did before discovering the Newman Center at ISU. We are surrounded by families who share the same values as us and reinforce them with their children at home. The faculty and staff of Epiphany Catholic School strive daily to love and live their mission as Catholic educators. We believe the school and parish have helped us become a stronger family.

Our “Why We Chose Epiphany” was for our family. And it’s a decision we are thankful God brought us to.

Kristen Bickett1 Comment