The Head Family

Epiphany has always been home for me (Karen). My family has been a part of the parish since I was just a baby. My 3 sisters and I went to Epiphany School from Pre-3 through 8th grade and then went on to Central Catholic where I met (and fell in love with) Jeremy.

When Jeremy and I got married 10 years ago, we decided to settle on a neutral parish since our parents each went to different ones in town. However, a few years later, after adopting our second baby, we realized that we wanted to attend Mass with family and the parish we were attending simply didn’t feel like home. We knew that we wanted our kids to go to Epiphany school where I had had such an amazing experience, so we decided to start attending Mass there again with my parents and siblings.

It felt like home again. We quickly discovered that our faith came alive so much more with the vibrant family atmosphere at Epiphany. Soon after joining the parish, two more girls joined our family through foster care and later adoption. When they came home, we were blown away by the support given to us from our Epiphany family. We had meals delivered for 6+ weeks and people were dropping off clothes and shoes and toys that we now needed having gone from 2 toddlers to 4 overnight. A few years later, we had a surprise adoption of one of our kids’ newborn siblings and once again, our Epiphany community surrounded us with support and love.

As our kids continue to grow and enjoy the wonderful school that Epiphany has to offer, and we’ve become more and more involved in the parish, our decision to make Epiphany “home” is constantly affirmed. Not only do we get to attend Mass and parish events with our family, but we get to be surrounded by our greater Catholic family each week in a place where our kids are loved, comfortable and supported. Additionally, diversity is important to us as a transracial adoptive family and Epiphany is a parish that celebrates diversity and is very welcoming to a variety of cultures, races, and backgrounds.

Aside from just the comforts of community and support, Epiphany offers our family the opportunity to grow in holiness each and every day. It is a place where we can meet Jesus daily in Adoration, Confession, the Eucharist, fellowship, education, and so much more. It brings us so much joy to call Epiphany our home.

Kristen BickettComment