The Henehan Family

Ten years ago, we chose to send our kids to the Kathryn Marie Albee Early Learning Center to continue their solid love for Jesus and learning when they started preschool as we commuted for work in Bloomington-Normal. Now we have moved much closer and have chosen and committed to Epiphany for the Catholic identity and high academics. We know that it is the best church and school for us. The awesome families and friends we have met through Epiphany have helped us to realize we are not alone in our beliefs and they support and lift us up over and over again. We have been so impressed with this community.
During the school year, life is a bit fast paced with five in school and our work here in Bloomington-Normal. As our kids get older and become more involved in activities, life is sure to become busier. We love the fact that Wednesdays are dedicated for family time and we can guarantee a night each week for conversation and a solid dinner. Summer is also fast paced but in a different way as it is dedicated to baseball and vacations for our family where we can travel the country, experience, expand our minds, and grow together as a family.
Epiphany offers our family a respite during our hectic lives where we can focus our attention on our Creator and find our respite in Him. We like to get our day started on the right foot and are often at 7:30 am mass on Sundays to do so. Through daily prayer, mass, confession, school mass, and weekend opportunities in this beautiful space - we are spiritually fed, are reminded of our purpose here on earth, and are reminded of all the desires God has in store for us. We are so thankful for this church, priests and religious, school and the entire Epiphany family.

Pic below was taken at Mariposa Grove in Yosemite. The California Tunnel Tree - Giant Sequoia.

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