The Herr Family

We are so joyful that Our Lord led us to this parish! Ryan & I met at the Catholic Newman Center at ISU. We were blessed beyond belief to have multiple priests, missionaries, and friends who shared the same goal of striving for heaven. At the end of every school year, the priests would talk about how to love Jesus and live our faith beyond the Newman Center. The biggest thing they would always stress is how to find a truly Catholic parish community. Without having that strong Catholic identity in your spouse or your parish, loving Jesus was obviously possible, but a lot more difficult.

Although we still were involved at the Newman Center with RCIA and social events, we slowly transitioned to looking for a parish in Bloomington/Normal. It wasn’t a very difficult decision, because we were taught to look for a parish that offered multiple sacraments, as often as possible. With daily mass, daily confession, and a perpetual adoration chapel, Epiphany was the obvious choice. Jesus, was clearly at the forefront of everything this parish did. We have seen many college friends struggle, because the parish they were at, did not offer so many sacraments and opportunities to be with Jesus in adoration. The graces that abound from the sacraments and adoring Our Lord are so palpable and noticeable! Every time any family or friends visit, they comment on what a wonderful community we have at Epiphany! We have to agree and thank God that He gave us Epiphany to see our children and our own faith lives flourish.

Kristen BickettComment