The Hunter Family

Shandell was in Normal for a job interview when he sought out a morning Mass. Due to its proximity to the Amtrak Station and the early Mass time, Shandell chose to go to Epiphany. He called me from the parish library because he was so impressed with the book selection- and the offering of perpetual adoration. It sounded like a vibrant, solid parish. We were living in Chicago when he made that call. Little did we know that Epiphany would become our home.

Before our family relocated, Shandell commuted between Chicago and Normal. During that time, he reached out to members of Epiphany parish and school for additional information for our family. Mr. Mike Lootens reached out and invited Shandell to his home for dinner with his family. Again, Shandell was impressed with the parish, the school, and more and more, the people. Little did we know just how big a part of our lives Epiphany would become to our family.

As we were discerning the best school and parish for our family, our oldest two boys shadowed in Mrs. Havens’s class. I was sold. She was so very warm and welcoming and it was beginning to feel more and more like home.

Upon our relocation, we joined Epiphany parish and enrolled our oldest son as a first grader at Epiphany.

Another year passed, and I was given the opportunity to join the staff at Epiphany Catholic School as a teacher. Two more of our sons enrolled in the school. Little by little Epiphany was filling more parts of our lives. Shandell became more involved in leading formational activities for men while the boys and I became more involved with school activities including sports and chess club.

Today all four of our sons attend Epiphany Catholic School and we continue to be active in both the school and the church. We have met very good people and are thankful for the friendships which we have made at Epiphany. When people ask how we like living in Bloomington-Normal I am quick to respond “We love it!”, but then I need to explain that almost our entire Bloomington-Normal experience is rooted in the foundation of Epiphany, because for us Bloomington-Normal is Epiphany Catholic Church and School.

Kristen BickettComment