The Maggiore Family

When Jack and I got married 8 years ago, we were just out of college and had grown in love for our faith through the ISU Newman Center. We knew as we began our life as a family that we wanted our faith and the sacraments to be central to our lives. We hoped to find a parish community where we (and our four kiddos who have joined the party since!) could be continually formed in our Catholic faith and grow deeper in love and in relationship with the Lord. The perpetual adoration chapel was what initially drew us to consider Epiphany. The chapel is truly a powerhouse of grace in our community and we are so grateful for the gift of being able to visit Jesus in the Blessed Sacrament as often as we’d like.

Throughout the past 8 years, Epiphany has become like home for us, and we truly feel surrounded by family. ACTS retreats, the Schoenstatt movement, and the school community have allowed us to get to know many of the awesome people of this parish. The special thing about our relationships at Epiphany are that they are not just surface relationships you often experience in more worldly/secular settings. We walk with each other through the joys and sorrows of life, demonstrating an authentic accompaniment simply because we love the other person and desire their good. As someone who did not grow up practicing the faith, this has been a powerful experience that has shown me the beauty of life in a Christian community. I saw a quote somewhere to the effect of “A church is not an organization you join, but a family where you belong, a home where you are loved, and a hospital where you find healing”. We have found this to be true of Epiphany Church as well as the school and are very happy to be here!

Kristen BickettComment