The Ngeno Family

Epiphany has been our home for 9 years now. We moved to Normal, IL in 2010 from the Congo. When we came, Jacob and I had two girls, Allegria and Davina, respectively three years old and one at the time. Over the past few years, God has given us Brianna and Nathan who both got baptized at Epiphany.

When we first came to Normal, IL, we did not know where to go for our Catholic faith. So we attended a Sunday Mass at Epiphany. It was so vibrant that we directly felt that this is the place we wanted to stay. We really enjoyed how deep the message had been and how welcoming the atmosphere and people were. The Epiphany community has been so friendly that we really felt that this is a family and where we belong.

Epiphany Church has also given my family the opportunity to spiritually grow and strengthen our relationship with the Lord through mass and different other activities for our kids. Programs such as CCD and American Heritage Girls are available for them to be with their peers. We are grateful that through the message and activities at Epiphany, our kids as well as the entire family have come to believe that the meaning of life is not just to know God, but also to love him, and serve him with the best of your ability. Through Epiphany, God has filled our family with a lot of grace. This is our home.

Kristen BickettComment