The Slaughter Family

Epiphany became our home 2 years ago, when we transferred here from Morton, IL where we attended Blessed Sacrament parish and school. I (Amelia) toured all of the local parishes with schools to find a new home for our family of 6. Jake (Sophomore at Central), Ellie (Freshman at Central), Jett (1st at Epiphany) and Jord (PreK at Epiphany) had all grown to love the catholic school environment, and I felt called to continue that path once we moved. I met Mr. Lootens a few times and was thoroughly impressed with him as a leader and what the school had to offer my family. I then brought Tony to come and meet with him, and finally Jake and Ellie. We all agreed that Epiphany was the best place for us.
Moving a then 8th and 7th grader into a new school, I was just as nervous as they were for that first day. But, my nerves (and theirs!) only lasted that one day. They were quickly welcomed into the school, and said several times that year, that they felt like they had grown up here. My very first priest (Father Mark DeSutter) told me that “the more you involve yourself in your child’s education, they more they will get out of it” and that holds true. We have immersed ourselves in their education. Tony coaches football at Central Catholic, I have volunteered in many ways at both Central and Epiphany - and it is a true blessing to call this community our family.
We both went through RCIA and became catholic at Blessed Sacrament, as adults. I had grown up Nazarene, and Tony did not come from a particular faith. After completing that journey and spending years as parishioners there, it was difficult to leave. We knew what to expect from mass, we had raised kids there, and had them all baptized, etc… However, our first Sunday mass at Epiphany, Father Eric gave a homily that I’ve never forgotten. It was about family, not just the family that shares a last name, or lives in the same house, but the catholic family, the parish family. He talked about the power of that family, having the support and prayers of others, the power of numbers. It made me realize that even though we were new to the Epiphany family, we were welcome. We were loved and supported. 2 years later, I feel so blessed to be a part of this parish and school family. It is truly where we are meant to be.