Our Uganda Connection

"Agabus stood up and predicted by the Spirit that there would be a severe famine all over the world, and it happened under Claudius. So the disciples determined that, according to ability, each should send relief to the brothers who lived in Judea." Acts of the Apostles 11

Choir at Fr. Juluis's church

Catholics have always been aware of the needs of their brothers and sisters locally and throughout the world. One particular way in which Epiphany parish has been able to provide "relief to the brothers" has been to assist the people of God in the Diocese of Kabale, Uganda, home to priests who have blessed us in ministry: Fathers Deogratias Kiwanuka, Adron Nturanabo and Julius Turyatoranwa.

Kabale Diocese was erected the same year as Epiphany Parish, 1966. We are blessed now to join together in mutual support.

How we have helped

Epiphany parishioners have helped build a number of important structures which will have a lasting impact. Under Father Deogratias' guidance, the parish provided a grant of $30,000 toward the construction of a health clinic serving. Father Adron has worked closely with the parish in the erection of staff quarters for his parish school, for which Epiphany parishioners have donated $50,000. In collaboration with Father Julius, the parish will begin studying how to assist with the construction of a chapel at the diocesan seminary.

How can you help?

View of Church from outside

Donations are best made in a concerted manner and transmitted safely to the Diocese of Kabale. There are many unfortunate stories of charitable contributions to third world countries that go astray or are mismanaged. Working closely with our Ugandan priests, and the diocesan staff in Kabale, we have eliminated these problems. Your gifts go for the purposes promised.

Currently, part of the Annual Diocesan Appeal money (in excess of goal) is earmarked for our Uganda Connection.